Coaching Service

What makes me a good coach?

If you’re looking to take your photo keeping skills to the next level, the coaching package is for you! I’ve been managing photos and formatting them into attractive designs for years, so I know I can help you accomplish your vision. Whatever your vibe is, I’ll help you make it a reality, and make it fun every step of the way. If you’re not necessarily looking for creative design solutions, I also coach the FOREVER platform, the best cloud based photo storage service. They offer cloud based storage that lasts generations for a one-time payment. When I discovered FOREVER, I knew this was the future of photo storage..

Why Book a Coaching Session?

No one wants to lose their photo memories, period. Physical archives of photos are vulnerable to real world damage, while digital archives on your own drives can fall victim to system failures. I can teach you to back up your memories in the most permanent way using the FOREVER platform. My coaching sessions are flexible in what kind of content we can cover. If you’re looking to expand your skills in putting your photos into fun formats for memory books, videos, or any other projects, I can certainly help you there as well.


Preserve & Share

Create & Print

How it Works

Do you need more guidance in your photo care journey? Then the coaching services are perfect for you! The first step is a photo care consultation, where we’ll talk about your photo-keeping goals. From there I’ll create a personalized game plan – whether that’s learning the FOREVER platform, or learning more hands-on photo-keeping skills, like scrapbooking, formatting print materials, or editing video footage. If you find yourself with additional questions following our coaching sessions, I’m always available to chat about your projects.